Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Update

I'm 28 weeks pregnant! Not sure when exactly the 3rd trimester starts, but I know I'm in it now - yay!


Pregnancy Highlights:
Size of baby: should be about the size of a Chinese cabbage (according to
Movement: I can feel her kicking, squirming, and now can see her body parts move across my belly :)
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach and back, bending over without trouble, and holding Russell in certain ways on my lap (he misses this too!)
Cravings: nothing specific, just hungry a lot
Best Moment This Week: got to see a healthy little Meredith on our ultrasound last night!

Because of measuring too small, we had an ultrasound last night. She looks completely healthy and the fluid levels are normal - so apparently I will just carry small like I did with Russell.

Speaking of Russell:

Russ scout

This was before today's nap. He just sat quietly with Scout (the stuffed animal dog) for at least 5 minutes. Very unusual, and so cute!

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