Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down on the Farm

This morning, Jason, Russell and I headed out to a local farm that was SO much fun! We will definitely be going again next year. Even Jason said it was worth the $16 (total) entry fee, which means a lot coming from him ;) Some of our friends joined us as well, which made it that much better.

There wasn't a single part Russell didn't enjoy. From the time he got out of the car, he was so happy to explore the fields, pumpkins, and tractors on the grounds.


Of course, when Russell saw the swings, that was it. This kid loves to swing. Our friend Jeff tried to get his son Scott to swing also, but that lasted only a few seconds. Made for a cute photo though :)


We managed to get Russell off the swings so he could find a new love: the see-saw. He was so excited - another thing he could have stayed on all day!


Up until this point, I was a little worried that we could have just gone to a playground for Russell to be this happy :) But with our entry fee came tickets to some toddler-friendly rides. Russell just loved them! The first one we did was the cow tractor ride. He rode it once with Jason and once with me. Funny how he hates riding in the car, but loved this thing!

Here's Jason and Russell - it was a little funny to see Jason squeeze into that small cow seat!



We also rode a little hay ride, which we could all go on together (and our friends went with us) - here's Russell looking serious, but he really did enjoy it (oh, and the tears on his cheek are from a mini-tantrum pre-ride):


We had such a fun time! And Russell took a great nap when we got back - a major plus :)

Now, we're resting up for costumes and parties tomorrow night! Happy Hallo-weekend!

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