Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Our child can sometimes be seen around the house with no pants. This is because he throws a fit if he has to lay down too long for a diaper change. So if we're just staying around the house, it doesn't bother me to leave him pantsless.

The pants thing is just one example. Just say the word "no" to him - you don't have to yell, just say it - and he sits down and starts red-faced screaming.

I say all this not to pick on my kid, who I dearly love, but to try to give myself a new perspective. I read recently something about how strong-willed children are "the ones who set the world on fire;" how more passive kids probably won't become president. Russell is surely paving the way to be a leader and a world-changer! :)

Another picture - not being strong-willed, he just looks so big here to me!


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  1. Ha ha! You could have been describing my own son in your post! He's only 9 months, but absolutely detests getting dressed or having his diaper changed. Anything that stands in the way of his own agenda is worth having a fit over. They are SO cute though aren' they?