Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old House, New House

We are settling in to our new house! After a whirlwind move last Friday with a few awesome helpers (Jason of course, my dad, Jason's cousin, and a friend), we headed to the State football game the very next day. And then Russell and I got sick. Hence, I've been the MIA blogger.

Anyway, since we've been here about a week, I now have a good idea of things I like better here versus things I liked better at our condo (shockingly, there are a couple). Here's a list.

  • more closet space - the house we're in now was built in the 40s and there is seriously no closet space.
  • more bathrooms - believe it or not, 1 and a half bathrooms sounds like a lot now ;)
The house is still way ahead.

  • huge floored attic that is not shared with a neighbor (yes, our attic in our condo was shared with our neighbor - crazy and stupid)
  • 3 bedrooms!
  • awesome area: near the best shopping in town, great schools, close to our church and Jason's office
  • 2-car garage
Oh, and I have a few pictures (not very good quality, I was in a hurry) of some of my favorite things:

This kitchen isn't updated, but it is about 3 times the size of our old kitchen (obviously this is only part of it), which makes me love it.


Older houses have such sweet charm. We have an actual, dedicated dining room with adorable built-ins (these decorations aren't staying):


I love love love having a fireplace and a real mantle! Can't wait to hang our Christmas stockings there in a couple months.


We've still got so much to do: window treatments, still boxes to unpack, blah blah. But we are loving our new place!

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