Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Unfortunately, Russell caught a cold last Thursday, so in addition to skipping church in the morning, we also weren't able to go to the Halloween party we originally planned to go to. I kept hoping he'd get well in time, but no such luck. We didn't want to go to someone's house and have him drool on other kids' toys.

So instead, Buzz Lightyear made his way to our church Pumpkin Bash. I knew he wouldn't get anyone sick there because there wouldn't be toys to tempt him.

Jason and Russell:


Looks like he's on a mission of some sort:


When it became apparent that a) the activities were definitely for older kids and b) Russell was more interested in walking around the parking lot than hanging out with everyone inside the church, we headed over to Great-Grandmother's house to "trick or treat" (aka visit). She was kind enough to fix us plenty of hors d'oeuvres.


Lastly, we hung out outside at our friends David and Lisa's house for a bit. I wish I had gotten pictures, but at that point it was pretty dark. Anyway, I think this was Russell's favorite part of the day. He loves trucks, and David let him climb in the bed of his pickup truck! Russell was ecstatic.

So even though it wasn't what we anticipated, we did have a great Halloween! Our little guy enjoyed it, and that's the whole point :)


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