Thursday, November 25, 2010


We have so, so many things to be grateful for this year!

My parents are here for a few days, and I think Jason was thankful to have someone to play this (super boring looking) game with:


Russell is always thankful for snacks - due to a turkey snafu (mine) the actual turkey dinner was after his bedtime. But he was none the wiser. And he is also thankful to have a dog visiting. The dog is just as grateful (for different reasons, I think; perhaps having to do with dropped food):


We are all always grateful for good food. I don't think we stress that enough - the fact that we do not at all have to worry about being hungry is a major praise, considering the plight of many people in our world. And our food tonight was excellent.


My sweet little boy turned 17 months old today. I'm grateful for him and his little turkey handprint (which says "Mommy" because I used these as place cards).


And I'm so thankful that I'm 20 weeks pregnant today and halfway to meeting our baby girl.


Another wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day.

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