Sunday, May 15, 2016

Short (fun) family visits

We were so happy to have Aunt Jill, Uncle Ken, and my parents in town last week! The visits were too short, but fun all the same.

Jill and Ken came into town on Friday and stayed through Sunday afternoon. They joined us for our regular Friday pizza and movie night. It was "The Lorax" this time. Paige really loved Uncle Ken and made sure he was included in everything :)

Mimi and Pops joined us on Saturday (right after we got our new desktop computer for the kids!) So Meredith showed Pops her email:

Daphne and Mimi played:

Candyland happened:

Mimi joined us for school on Monday. Daphne is not exempt from school; she gets read-alouds and Mimi was our guest reader :)

I don't believe I've mentioned on here our Kid Days, so I will interject: Each of our children have a special day that is "theirs" each week. (Russell = Monday, Meredith = Tuesday, Paige = Wednesday, and Daphne will have Thursday.) They get to pick the TV shows watched (we watch 2 shows per day), the music played in the car, sometimes snacks or where we go as a fun activity. It gives them a little ownership and cuts down on arguments. On their Kid Day, they also stay up 30 minutes extra with Mom and Dad.

 Since Russell's Kid Day happened while Pops and Mimi were here, he got special time with all the adults. His activity for those 30 minutes is ALWAYS Lego building - here are the boys building:

And before they left, Mimi somehow got nearly all of them (Daphne was sleeping) on her lap and they were singing and laughing - so cute!

We had the best time! Can't believe it will be 6 months before we see them again :( but it was so lovely for them to be here.

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