Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunch Time Homeschool Play Dates

One of the many fun aspects of homeschooling: hanging out with friends at home for a lunch play date!

We have several homeschooling friends, and have had a couple of lunch dates recently.

Our closest friends, the Ps, came over for mac and cheese and playtime:

Caleb is quite a bit younger than Russell (2.5 years), but it's sweet to see how he's learned to be patient with him and they have build a good friendship.

Meredith and Rachel are BEST pals. We're all super sad that the P family is moving far away, but I think Meredith and I are the most sad.

We also had a wonderful lunch date with the G family at their house - another homeschooling, 4-kid family (although they'll outnumber us in September when they have baby #5!)

We're all SO thankful the weather is getting warmer; we played outside with the Gs for 3 hours :)

Happy, playful days are great to have as we get ready to wrap up our school year - just 3 weeks left!

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