Wednesday, May 25, 2016

School's Out For Summer!

The weather is BEAUTIFUL here! We decided to finish up school a couple days early for a few reasons:

1) After doing some math and reading assessments (online) with Russell, it's been determined that he's reading at a 4.8 reading level (that's 4th grade) and he's memorized 100% of his addition facts and most of his subtraction facts as well.
2) The public schools here got out today, so we wanted to get out a little earlier than them ;)
3) Did I mention the weather is beautiful?

So we invited all of our homeschool friends to an end-of-school party at a park in our neighborhood! It was a brunch party from 9:30-11 am, with donut holes, bananas, apricots, and bagels brought for refreshments. We had the best time.

Congrats on the last day of school! They all worked very hard and learned a lot this year!

I got some pencils at the dollar store and added these little tags. I never want the kids to feel left out or "less than" because they are homeschoolers, so I like making things like this :)

This is typical Paige!

So glad to have so many sweet homeschooling friends!

It was a wonderful day! Happy summer!

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