Saturday, October 10, 2015

Yearly Pumpkin Patch visit!

My favorite season is fall. Always has been. I love - and always have loved - the start of a new school year with fresh pencils and books, a new football season, all baked and coffee'd pumpkin things, the cooler weather, the holidays, etc, etc. 

And one of my very favorite of our family traditions is our fall visit to a pumpkin patch/farm.

That day was today!

Keller's Farmstand was much better than the farm we visited last year - I think this will have to be our yearly place :)

We did the "short" corn maze - in quotes because none of us thought it was all that short! But thankfully even the littlest children had fun :)

A picture to prove that Daphne and I were there ;) with our Moby, of course!

There was a big children's play area that had play ships, trains, and trucks, all with slides.

Our neighbors told us of the goodness that is the apple cider donut - they were totally delicious! I think this is a midwestern thing?

Naturally, Russell LOVED the ride-on tractors (and the donuts :))

Playing in dried corn was a hit!

I got a quick picture of all the kids in the pumpkin patch - a yearly tradition!

Keller's was a great experience! We'll see them next year!

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