Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Trick or Treat! We had a monkey, a peacock, a snowman (snowgirl), and an "Army American Hero" (this is what Russell called himself - to be fair, the front of his uniform did say American Hero).

The snowman was more interested in sleeping than going out in the drizzly cold, and besides, she hated her costume, so she and I stayed home while the others went out.

I could not get over Paige - I think she was the most darling monkey ever! She LOVED her costume and kept saying, "He has a banana!" in delight. (I guess her monkey costume was a "he" to her.)

Meredith picked out her peacock costume and was adamant about it. I wasn't sure if she'd really love it since it wasn't a full costume - just wings and a mask - but she did.

Pickings are slim for boys Russell's age - he's not big into super heroes and we don't do any sort of scary costumes here. Soldier it was. He does love the military so it was totally good with him.

The kids wanted Jason to dress up too :)

Our strong army men!

Daphne woke up from her nap so I could get a photo of her Halloween outfit :) Her shirt says "I'm so cute, it's spooky".

The kids racked up on candy and saw lots of friends in costume - the best parts of Halloween! Great night!

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