Monday, October 26, 2015

Late October Days

Just a few pics of our late October days. This year is flying by!

Sweet little sis:

We are still loving our Craigslist swing!

The picture below is a good, everyday, crazy-life snapshot: a toy-cluttered screened porch, kids going every which way, being loud and silly!

Jason and Daphne had a sweet chat during dinnertime this week :)

I wanted to take some pictures of the kids in their Sunday best after church. Three out of four were cooperative - I'll let you guess the unwilling one ;)

A fact about each kid lately:

1) Russell is coming up with the BEST Lego inventions. He can (and does) spend hours building them. He says he wants an all-Lego Christmas :)

2) Meredith has a couple of best friends (for my future memory: Rachel, Reina, Abby (from CBS); Megan, and Abby (from KDO)), and it's so sweet to see her concern for them (and theirs for her).

3) Paige - I just love two-year-old expressions. She now asks for "yellow ranch" with her food (commonly known as mustard) and to watch "Build the Bobber" on TV.

4) Daphne lately loves the prints I hung up above her changing table: gray and yellow pictures of a kangaroo, an owl, and an elephant with "I am a child of God" written below. She gives those pictures the biggest grins!

We're having busy fall days and enjoying most of them! :)

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