Saturday, October 31, 2015

Grace Pointe Country Fair!

We go to a wonderful church up here called Grace Pointe! We changed churches a couple of times since moving here, and Grace Pointe feels like a great home for us. Sound, Biblical teaching, lots of fellowship and service opportunities, several homeschooling families - a great fit.

Grace Pointe had our first Country Fair last night. It was such a fun get-together, complete with fair-type games and prizes, an official square-dance caller, desserts and popcorn and apple cider and candy. So fun!

Our sweet neighbor Sophie came with us - we love her and were so happy she joined us!

The games were very cute; lots of bean-bag tosses and ball throwing.

After we tried our hand at the games (and won tickets, which were later turned in for candy!) we headed downstairs for the big square dance. 

It was really fun and all of our kids participated in some way - although it was a bit challenging to keep up with the instructions while Jason held Paige and I had Daphne in the Baby Bjorn and we were helping Russell and Meredith figure out how to square dance - phew! But I'm still glad we did it; Meredith said it was the best part of the night :)

There was a photo booth set up and it was SO cute - photo booths are definitely my love language ;) The picture turned out a bit blurry unfortunately, though! 

Such a great family activity!

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