Sunday, May 3, 2015

Meredith at 4 years old

Some updates about Meredith as a big 4-year-old:

Meredith received her first big-girl bike (with training wheels) on her birthday!  She chose a decked-out Disney princess bike and a Frozen helmet.  She rode it around the block a couple days ago, so she is continuing to get better and better as she practices!

Meredith's weight: 36 lb 2 oz (58th percentile)
Meredith's height: 39.3 in (39th percentile) - surprising, as she's always been tall - I'm thinking she'll have a growth spurt soon 
At her doctor's appointment, she had to get one shot, which she did not appreciate. She did get to choose a treat afterward though, and she picked Dunkin' Donuts:

Favorite food: sweet treats, berries, baked chicken, cheese
Favorite book: the Strawberry Shortcake series
Favorite TV show: Octonauts, currently
Favorite movie: any Tinkerbell movie
Favorite activity: jumping on our new trampoline

Meredith is compassionate, sensitive, and smart. This means that she's very eager to help, quick to get her feelings hurt, and intuitive about others' feelings, often interpreting body language correctly. She is ready to learn how to read, but the current curriculum I have is just as boring to her as it was to Russell (Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons), so I'm going to order her a different reading curriculum to start either soon or in the fall (probably All About Reading).

Our goals for Meredith at 4 for self-help/practical skills: buckling her own seatbelt (she's got it down 75% of the time), pumping her legs to swing (still working on it), and bathing herself (still working on it but getting close). I'm thinking she also may learn to make her own lunch.

She's growing up so quickly, right before our eyes! I can't believe she's so big.

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