Thursday, May 21, 2015

Homeschool Showcase: Volcano Eruption!

It was such great timing that while Pops and Mimi were here, the annual Homeschool Showcase was scheduled at the library. Russell chose to do a project about volcanoes - mainly because we had gotten a science experiment book from the library that had a "gooey volcano eruption" experiment in it!

We did a lot of the research the week before the showcase: reading library books, watching videos of volcano eruptions, and coloring and writing worksheets about volcanoes, and also making a volcano art project out of canvas, paints, and melted crayons. Russell completed all the work and determined where everything should go on his poster.

 The final piece of the project was the gooey volcano eruption  - we did that with lots of help from Mimi. Russell LOVED it and played with it afterward until the "volcano" (Jell-O) had disintegrated.

The homeschool showcase was open to any homeschoolers of any grade, K-12. Russell's friend Lailah presented her poetry right beside his volcano project.

We'll be at next year's showcase, for sure! It was a great experience.

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