Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meredith's Tea Party

Meredith's 4th birthday, girls-only (except Dad and Russell) tea party was this morning!

It went so perfectly. Meredith had 6 guests - 4 girls from our CBS Bible study, one neighbor, and a girl from our homeschool group. It was a wonderful size for a party, Also, this is the first party that Meredith hand-picked the friends to invite - and you could really tell how much she loves them.

When everyone first arrived, we made tea party hats and jewelry.

After the crafts were made, the girls sat down for tea! The "tea" choices were chocolate milk, strawberry lemonade (the popular choice), and apple juice. The snacks were grapes, cheese and crackers, some sort of sweet treat called colackies that were on sale at the store ;), and of course cake and cupcakes!

After the tea, we played outside for a bit:

and then came back in for presents!

It was so nice to see Meredith in her element. She is our helper who is happy to sweetly help Paige or play what Russell wants to play most of the time, and Jason and I so enjoyed seeing her let loose and have fun!

Happy birthday, Mer! We love you!

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