Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ohio Vacay

So most people don't vacation in Ohio for fun ;) but we have amazing family there, like my grandmother, aunt/uncle/cousin and their family. Now that we're in the midwest, we're close enough to visit, so last week, we did!

We had a wonderful couple of days staying with my Aunt Jill and Uncle Ken, not doing much of anything.

We enjoyed playing with the baby second cousins, like Jax:

And snuggling with aunts Jill and Jane:

Making a "barn" (tent):

My cousins Katy and Megan planned a combo surprise: a surprise birthday party for Beanie, and a surprise baby "sprinkle" for me! It was so thoughtful!
The kids loved the cupcakes and the photo props :)

What a great family visit! It's so nice to be (somewhat) close to some family - the kids love being able to visit (and so do I)!

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