Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wedding Bells

I think I’ve now been in my last wedding – phew! Anyone need any bridesmaid dresses? Smile

My college friend Erin was married in a beautiful ceremony by the ocean  on Saturday. Jason, Paige and I were able to make it for the rehearsal and dinner on Friday, and I was a bridesmaid along with my other 2 best friends from Carolina on Saturday. I think Paige is getting used to the whole wedding thing!






I have to include this picture: The wedding location was right next to a historical reenactment site. In addition to a cannon (!) firing when Erin and Derrick kissed at the end of the ceremony, Erin asked the pirates to come join us for a few wedding pictures. This totally fits Erin’s personality!


We had a nice time and everything was beautifully done! Loved seeing my sweet friends and their husbands!

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