Sunday, October 20, 2013

USS North Carolina

While we were on our way back from Erin and Derrick’s wedding last weekend, we decided to stop at the USS North Carolina – the World War II battleship that has been docked at the coast for 50 years for tours. Neither Jason nor I had been in years and years, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that interested last time Smile But this time, I really enjoyed it! We had to go through pretty quickly due to having the baby with us, but we’re still glad we stopped.

In the museum before entering the ship:


Partial view of the ship from the entrance ramp:


Jason loved pretending to shoot all the guns and cannons, of course!



The 3 of us inside some part of the ship!


I should have gotten pictures of below decks, which was my favorite part – the ice cream shop (yum), the galley, the laundry – all the everyday things that make it seem more real, but we were going pretty fast! I’m sure we’ll go back sometime with all the kids Smile

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