Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Go State?

I guess I’m crossing over to “the other side.” When we went to Jason’s parents’ house this weekend, I dressed the kids in red. Well, they did go to the State v. Central Michigan game, so what use was it to dress them in Carolina blue? At least, still, no one likes Duke! ; )

Anyway, we had such a nice weekend with family. My parents came up to visit, so we saw them, Jon and fam, my mother-in-law’s sister and her husband (Uncle Bart and Aunt Nancy), and of course Jason’s parents. Wonderful family time!

Kacki got out Jason’s old Legos and Jason and the kids played with them all weekend! (And sometimes, Jason without the kids! : ))


Watching their favorite movie that Paw Paw and Kacki have: Rio.


Baby fresh from a bath!


On Saturday, the kids had plenty of outside play time and visiting with family time before some of the crew (including Russell and Meredith) went to the football game.



Russell was totally uninterested in the trike until we told him he could get a bike when he masters it. He is almost there. It hasn’t taken long at all now that he has the motivation. I’m thinking the bike will be his Christmas present.


Sweet Meredith. Bless her heart, she has been having a hard time lately. Lots of whining and tantrums. Her doctor reassured me that it is definitely because of the baby, and when Paige is about 6 months old it should stop. At least there’s an end date!


Greeting Mimi and Bogie when they came over around 11:30:


A big hug from Uncle Jon:


Mimi got lots of quality time with the babies – I know she was in her happy place!



And Kacki had some sweet time with Paige too!


I think Russell may be a baby-whisperer. Babies LOVE him and he is so sweet to them. Ella was giving him big smiles.


I wish we could have gotten a picture of all the cousins, but it seemed like one of the babies was always sleeping, so 3/4 had to do for this time.


We had such fun! How absolutely blessed we are.

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