Friday, October 18, 2013

Two and a Half

On our 8 year anniversary, Meredith turned two and a half!


Meredith constantly amazes us. In so many ways, she acts older than she is, and yet sometimes her attitudes and certain things she does remind us that we can’t expect too much of her – she is only two!

Yesterday’s “still-just-2” example: I had set up some Play-Doh for the kids when Paige started crying. I came back probably 10 minutes later and Meredith said, “I ate Play-Doh.” “How much? A little or a lot?” “A lot.” Ugh! She knows better – but yes, she is definitely two.

She is caring, funny, very articulate, stubborn, and independent. She loves to snuggle, especially while holding her beloved Kitty. She loves princesses – her current favorites are Cinderella and Sofia the First, although her Rapunzel dress and her Tiana high heels (“glass slippers” she calls them) are her favorite attire.


She has developed a much greater interest in her baby dolls since Paige was born. She has several babies, mostly named after her friends: her “teeny, tiny twins” (her words) Evie and Ivey; Charlie, Ella, Madison, and Cameron. Her favorites are Charlie (by far) and Evie (second place currently).

Changing baby Evie’s diaper:


"”Awww, baby Charlie is sad”:


Meredith is very interested in make-up. She is allowed different Chap-Stik varieties and LOVES them. When Paige was a couple weeks old, Meredith got into my makeup and tried to put mascara on like she’s seen me do. I could tell she knew where to put it because it was all smeared very near her eyes and eyelids!


She is pretty much a girlie-girl, throwing fits often if I don’t let her wear exactly what she wants (usually a dress). But of course, she loves to run around and be crazy with Russell, and has decided that when she turns 3, she’d rather try soccer than dance.

Meredith is our little singer – she can often be heard singing around the house, and asks me to turn music on so she can dance about once a day. She is very much a little mama, and has been known to tell me (about Paige): “My baby’s crying! Don’t go get her – I’m going to go help her!” She also orders Russell around, which sometimes flies with him and sometimes doesn’t.

We love to hear Meredith’s little prayers. Often, she says this one which she made up: “Dear God, thank you for the creation and for all of Daddy’s lessons. Amen.” (I don’t know what lessons she’s talking about, or why it’s Daddy’s and not Mommy’s!)


I’m sure there’s so much more I could say. She is quite the character. We are so grateful for this little girl!

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