Thursday, June 14, 2012

Science Learning

I found some interesting frog-related items while shopping, so I thought it would be nice to do a little science with the kids this week!

Russell got the general idea of the frog life cycle from a book we have and some YouTube videos (love them!). 

I found this cool toy at the dollar store: the bucket is originally empty, then you pour water into it and the frog “lays eggs!”  Russell loved it and even took it to the gym to show the girls that watch him there!


Another Dollar Store find: a frog bucket and flies and tongs.  We “fed” the frog flies using the tongs.  Both the kids enjoyed this.



F is for Frog page – Meredith just had to be included in all of this – needless to say, I watched her very carefully with the magnets!


It was a fun little learning experience!


  1. Fun!! Which dollar store??

  2. I want to say Dollar Tree, but I'm not sure!