Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Russell and I do homeschool preschool work together on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.  As I’ve mentioned, we’re seriously considering homeschooling our children, and this is a good way to 1) test that out and 2) teach Russell in an individualized setting.  (But it’s all stuff I would probably do with him even if we weren’t thinking about homeschooling!)

This week, we learned about St. Patrick’s Day!

I hid pennies in green Play-Doh for Russell to “find the gold” – he loved this game and it was great for fine motor skills.  Her also enjoyed making shamrocks with the Play-Doh.


I printed off a black pot picture and with a dry-erase marker, I would write a number next to it.  Russell would put that many pennies into the pot.  (This was heavily guided and was mostly used to teach him what the numbers looked like, as we’ve worked more on letters than numbers!)


I wrote a little story about the origins of St. Patrick’s Day and turned it into a book – we’ve read it several times this week.  We also colored a St. Patrick’s Day picture and did a Leprechaun magnet page.


On St. Patrick’s Day, we ate green pancakes!


Russell’s shirt says “Mom’s Lil Irishman.”  This is the face I get when I ask him to smile!  I love my little Irishman!


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