Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainy Family Weekend

My parents (and brother and girlfriend and her mom) came over this weekend – so nice to see them all, and the kids loved it!  I captured most of it on my new iphone, just because it’s new and I wanted to play with instagram Smile

On Saturday morning, we took my parents with us to the children’s museum.  It had probably been a few weeks since we were there last.  4 adults and 2 kids – the odds were in my favor, for once!



Uncle Jon, Kelly, Kelly’s mom, and Grandmother joined us in the afternoon.  We sat and talked for a while while the kids played.  I used my nice camera for these pics – I think these are my favorites ever of Jon and my kids.  I love how hands-on he is with them!  He has always loved kids.


This picture makes me laugh.  I told Russell to put his cheek next to Uncle Jon’s cheek.  He was trying to follow directions!


We often go to Grandmother’s house for appetizers and wine before we head out to dinner.  The kids hadn’t been there in a couple weeks.  They love playing her piano – I’m hoping one day I can teach them how to really play.


Meredith loves Bogie (the dog).  Actually, so does Russell.  Whenever I mention Pops and Mimi, he adds, “and Bogie.”


They came to see us for a little bit this morning before we went to church.  Russell loves to get a pillow and blanket and cover up!


After Pops and Mimi left, and after church and naps, we decided to go on a puddle-jumping walk!  Russell had so much fun!


He always loves a chance to wear his dinosaur boots.


Meredith thought all the splashing was hilarious – she would not stop giggling!


Why do these weekends always go so fast?

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