Monday, March 12, 2012

Meredith’s Favorite Chair

We have a little wooden chair that used to be Jason’s when he was little.  Russell loves to sit in it, and now so does Meredith.  One of her favorite activities lately is climbing into and out of that little chair.  She’s very determined and doesn’t get upset when she doesn’t quite make it – she just quietly tries again.  (Very different from her brother!)

Getting into position:


Climbing up:


Tada!  She loves to sit Indian style (criss-cross applesauce – whatever you want to call it) on this chair.


Yes, I know she’s hanging off a bit – that’s why Mommy is right there!  Meredith can spend 30 minutes just on this little exercise, and she’s so proud of herself!


  1. For her birthday can you put up a comparison between her and Russell at one year old?


  2. My sister and I had those SAME chairs when we were little!