Friday, March 30, 2012

Farm Fun

Russell and I went to visit a farm today (while Meredith and Jason stayed home).  I’d say most of our friends went – wow, was there a big crowd there!  It was a combination of our church’s MOPs group, our Sunday school class, both of my play groups, and I’m sure some others too.  I’m terrible at estimating, but I heard someone say that 40+ kids were there.

We saw the goats first.  They were in a pen with turkeys, pigs, and peacocks.


Then Russell got to brush and pet some of the horses – right before he was shocked by an electric fence (not the fence in this picture).  I’m not even kidding.  Maybe he should have listened to me when I repeatedly told him not to touch the fence and that it would hurt!  Hopefully it won’t cause lasting damage?  I think Jason has touched one before…so if you know him, what does that say? Winking smile

Anyway, here’s Russell with a horsey:


His favorite part of the experience: getting to hold a baby chick.  He held 3 different ones, and he was very gentle.

Looking at the chicks – they were all saying “I want that one!”



Petting a bunny:


I may add more photos from friends’ cameras later!  Despite the “incident” we had a fun morning at the farm!

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