Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Craft Day

We've been sequestered from our friends since Russell is sick :( Not bad - just a little cold - but I'm sure no one else wants it!

So what do you do when you've read every book (several times), been to the park, run every errand, played with every toy...and it's only 3 pm?

Why, you try some crafts!

I've never really done any crafts with Russell before, so this was an experiment.

Craft #1: Stickers

Maybe it would be fun to put some stickers on a piece of paper and call it art?

Here's Russell trying desperately to get a sticker off of his hand:


And about a minute later, he shows me what he thinks of the whole thing by throwing Fuzzy over it:


Well, that took up a whole 3 minutes.

Craft #2:

Homemade play-doh. I knew this was risky since he puts everything in his mouth, which is why we did the homemade kind (safe to eat). Flour, salt, vegetable oil, and food coloring = not appetizing, but not toxic either.


He stuck his hand in the bowl and squished it for a minute - a good start, I thought! But before I could stop him, a BIG handful went straight in the mouth - and then, this face:


Still makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Needless to say, that was the end of play-doh play time. Also the end of crafts for the day. Woo-hoo, 15 minutes down...3 hours to go until Daddy gets home.

We did, however, find something else to do:
--took up over 1 hour of our time
--he was smiling, laughing, and talking the whole time
--got us out of the house

I will post about that soon ;)


  1. oh man... i KNOW that feeling... it's only 3 in the afternoon.... hours to kill till Dad's off work.... bored out of my MIND.... those afternoons make my brain turn to mush! :)

  2. Hey - you mentioned that you're in NC...whereabouts? We live in the RDU area.

  3. And now I'm following YOU! I love your pictures! Beautiful!