Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can minivans ever be cool?

Recently, Jason and I have been talking about getting a minivan (not in the next couple months, more like in the next couple years). They have everything going for them, except for the obvious fact that they are so uncool.

But then again, this video is hilarious - maybe we can be like this?

Of course, we're probably kidding ourselves by thinking we're still cool anyway - but I guess that's another post. Funny video.


  1. we had the minivan convo recently too... we're gonna wait and see if we get to adopt Tali first. if we do, we are headed down that road quick! yikes!

  2. oh man, I LOVE these commercials! you are so right, it's such a hilarious video but when you stop & think, really? mini-vans? This hilarious commercial is about a cool mini-van? Maybe they are accomplishing their goal, I pretty much laugh my butt off & want to be like this couple, they seem cool.