Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Russell has always been very vocal (to put it politely). Lately, though, he has started to channel some of his screaming/babbling into trying to make words! It has been really fun to hear different things he tries to say.

Examples include:

~"Hey, bud." (This was the cutest thing ever - Jason said "Hey, bud" to Russell, and Russell said it back.)
~"Done." (I guess I say this a lot, like "all done" with food, or "we're all done vacuuming.")
~"Dad." (Instead of Dada, Russell calls Jason "dad," which usually comes out more like "dat.")

Also, Russell has figured out how to sit up from a lying down position, and how to lay down from a sitting position. It is very strange to go in to get him from sleeping to find him sitting up in his crib!

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