Monday, May 24, 2010

11 months old!

014lr2 (1 of 1)

Geez, just 1 more month until the big one!

I got many cute pictures, but I thought this month I'd share some of the outtakes:

Far too busy for photos:

007lr (1 of 1)

012lr (1 of 1)

Trying to climb off the chair:

029lr2 (1 of 1)

(Yes, these pictures are more "mommy snapshots" than "high-end photography" - but watch for Russell's one-year photos, coming soon! :))

On with the post...

This has been a delightful month!

The biggest news, of course, is that Russell is crawling! He started off slow (as seen in this post) but just got better and faster.

What else is he doing?

So glad you asked! ;)

~Trying to pull up - he can get to his knees and can sortofalmost stand, but not steadily.
~Is quite the copycat: imitates random things that we say (examples include "cauliflower" and "here they are" - very random!)
~Is starting to throw temper tantrums - catalysts include picking him up if he's really into playing (but sometimes we have to go somewhere!) and getting him out of the swing at the playground (yes, the same swing he hated at first).
~Still doing the splits, which he's been doing for months - everyone says he is the most flexible baby they've ever seen.
~I should have said this on his 10-month post, but he's a pro at drinking from the sippy cup. However, you can't hand it to him, you just have to set it in front of him - if it's in your hand, he opens his mouth and expects you to feed it to him.

I'm saving all of his favorite things for his 1 year post, so that's about all I have for 11 months!

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