Thursday, May 13, 2010

Read Carefully

I was so pumped about getting out of the house today. Russell has been sick since Friday (he's better now), and we have been holed up in the house for that long. We were both starting to get stir-crazy.

So I checked my email and saw that there was a strawberry picking and picnic lunch scheduled for our Sunday school class. (FOGgers, you can probably guess where this is going.) It was about a 35-minute drive from our house, but it worked with Russell's nap schedule, and like I said, I was stir-crazy.

Well, we got ALL the way to the house where the picnic was. Russell hates riding in the car, so I was relieved to get there (and sad to see those little tear-stained cheeks.) I went around to the backyard - no one there. So I rang the doorbell. I was so confused when a grandfather-type answered the door; I thought I had the wrong house.

Nope. Right house - wrong day. (Grandfather-type = my friend's father, watching her toddler while she worked.)

So we packed up and headed back...screaming and crying All. The. Way.

I feel like a bad mommy today :(

When we got home, we had our own little backyard picnic with Russell's favorite foods - fruit and yogurt - and his favorite activities - car-watching and pulling grass out of the ground.

I hope that made up for it a little.

sweet baby feet:


crawling (!) to the grass:


Lesson learned: read your email carefully!

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