Monday, May 24, 2010

"Foggy Skies"

"Foggy Skies" is the new color of our bedroom furniture! We are in the midst of a master bedroom re-do. Thus far:

New bedding - check
Furniture painted - check

Still to come:

Finishing coat and handles on furniture
More artwork/decorations for walls

Jason's mom is an expert on all things crafty - seriously, you should see her sewing, cooking, etc. So we enlisted her help for repainting furniture this weekend. It was an all-weekend project, and she really did most of the work herself! So thankful for her.

I'll post a "before and after" when everything is finished, but here's a sneak peek (from inside our garage):

028lr (1 of 1)

Jason (and Kathy in the background) resting after painting on Saturday:

026lr (1 of 1)

Some people have asked what brought on this desire to overhaul everything - well, I am not too optimistic about our condo selling, and so I want to be as happy with it as possible! Every room is getting a makeover (except Russell's room, which I love already). So be on the lookout for renovation posts in the future!

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