Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall = Football Season

I LOVE fall. The period from September through New Year's is my absolute favorite time of year. Fall is pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy leaves to step on, Thanksgiving, and light cardigans. But most of all, in our house, fall is football season. I've alluded to it before, but I can't fully explain the degree to which Jason is obsessed with NC State football.

So of course, we had to start Russell out early - his first game was last Saturday, at barely 3 months old. He only made it to the tailgate because it started raining (and was only awake for a small portion of it, at that), but here are a few pictures of the fun!

Here are Russell, my dad and I at my in-laws' house before the game:

Our little family at Carter-Finley stadium:

Close up:

And my mom with her favorite grandson:

We'll be back on Nov. 7 - which happens to be Jason's 30th birthday! Maybe Russell will actually make it inside the stadium then ;)

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