Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bargain Brag ;)

I have recently started couponing, and have become seriously addicted.

It's easy to get obsessed when you get awesome deals!

This week, I've gotten the following great deals (among others):
~2 packs of Rolaids for free
~a travel-size Tide laundry detergent for free
~Banana Nut Cheerios for free
~can of green beans for $0.10
~Skippy natural peanut butter for $0.64
~a travel-size Hungry Hungry Hippos game for $0.99

You can do this too if you are interested! It saves lots of money, but does take some time and you have to be willing to go to more than one store each week (I usually go to 3 at least). You can print coupons from online, but you will save the most if you get the Sunday paper as well.

My favorite couponing website is - check it out :) (if you live in the South, that is.)

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