Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little concern...

Today was another doctor's appointment! I had a really syrupy fruit punch for the glucose test (testing for gestational diabetes) that I had to drink in 5 minutes. It had so much sugar that I was hot and almost sweating by the time I finished it. I will get the results of that test tomorrow - hopefully I will pass and that will be that!

During the "weigh and measure" part of the appointment, we got to hear baby's heartbeat again. This time, we listened for a little bit, then the doctor pushed the baby around so he would move. His heart rate increased from 120 (still) to 140 (moving)! It was neat to hear the difference.

The doctor scheduled me for another appointment in 2 weeks because of a little concern: I am measuring smaller than normal for this stage. He said it could just mean I'll have a smaller baby, but he wants to make sure that it doesn't mean something worse: low amniotic fluid or that the baby is not growing. So if you think about it, just pray that our little guy is continuing to grow and that the next appointment will prove that!

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  1. Jen,I'll keep you and your little one in my prayers. You are little, so I'm sure it just means your little guy will be too!