Friday, July 1, 2016

Russell is Seven!

This kid is seven years old! How? I remember so much of his babyhood like it was yesterday.

Russell's Favorites at 7:

Color: Blue
Food: Mac and Cheese
Team: "Whatever Dad's is...but I would prefer watching swim teams on TV"
Sport (to play/to watch):Swim team/Dude Perfect sports (a YouTube channel)
Toy: Legos
Book: Lego Ideas books
Movie: Clutch Powers (a Lego movie)
School Subject: History
Best Friends: Ayden and Laylah

On Russell's birthday, he had a swim meet, and he placed fourth in both backstroke and freestyle. He loves getting those swim meet ribbons!

After the meet, he chose Subway for lunch, and opening presents, of course! He got mostly presents from family (since he had no party this year), but a couple of our sweet neighbors decided to get him a present as well :)

Russell picked mac and cheese, pears, and raspberries for dinner...then, cake! He chose a superhero cake this year.

We loved celebrating this guy! He's sweet, loud, energetic, smart, and becoming a Godly young man. 

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