Friday, July 1, 2016

Daphne is 10 months old!

Well, I completely missed a nine month update. This 4-kid thing gets the better of me sometimes!

Happy 10 months, Daphne!

My assistant (Meredith) had to get me another sticker for Daphne to play with so she would stop messing with the one on her romper!

Daphne just had her 9 month appointment (late, obviously). She's 27.3 in tall (22nd percentile), 18 lb 7 oz (28th percentile) and 43.3 cm head circ (19th percentile). Her iron levels are a little low, just like Paige's were, so she needs a supplement and iron-rich foods.

Daphne is loving all table foods - she's eating much of what we eat and prefers table foods instead of baby food. She's army crawling her way into everything. She loves animals (like all of our babies have) and gets so excited to see/pet a dog on a walk. She also really enjoyed our trip to the zoo with friends. She still has 2 teeth but she is really teething right now (swollen gums, drooling, etc) so we expect to see 2 or 3 more soon.

Daphne turned 10 months on the day Russell turned 7, so I got a sweet picture of just the 2 of them. She loves her siblings!

Happy 10 months, sweet girl!

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