Sunday, July 17, 2016

Paige's Birthday Party

We had Paige's third birthday celebration last night! We had a little party with some of her friends at a small, children's-museum type of place. She had a total blast. 

Funny Paige moment: she had to tell everyone "This is my birthday outfit. These are NOT pajamas." (Apparently she thought her birthday outfit looked like pajamas!)

The other kids had a blast too!

(Russell was having a "fight" with this lion.)

Paige's friend Micah came:

And Valerie! (And one more, Linnea, of whom I didn't get a picture.)

We had a pizza dinner. Everyone had to have a party hat. Paige LOVES and insists on party hats at every birthday!

Daphne enjoyed the pizza too! (and she didn't mind the party hat, although she preferred to chew on it.)

Paige chose a Hello Kitty bithday cake. She sang "happy birthday" along with everyone else!

She got some sweet presents. She said "you're welcome" for all of them :) and tried to give the first one back! We said, "no, they're yours to keep" and she said, "why?" 

Well, it was her first birthday party (besides the one she shared with Russell when she turned one) so I guess she didn't quite get it!

We love you, Paige! You make our world brighter :)

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