Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pretty Almost-Spring Days

I did not realize it had been so long since I blogged! We've had sickness slowly hitting everyone in our family (AGAIN) and I'm also trying to finish a book I've been reading, and trying to finish our yearly photo book from 2015, so blogging just slipped off my radar.


We've had some beautiful weather in the past few weeks, on and off! I'll definitely take it. This is the third winter we've lived here and it's been by far the mildest (and ironically, it's also the one we decided to snowbird during).

It has snowed off and on since February began, here and there, but it doesn't stick around more than a day or so because of the mild weather - woohoo!

So we've gotten out on our swing set (that the kids are quickly outgrowing!)

Look who loves to swing! First time!

All smiles!

{Don't mind Paige's face - she got in a fight with the stairs to the trampoline}

Welcome spring!

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