Sunday, February 28, 2016

Daphne is 6 months old!

Sweet Daphne, I can't believe we've had half a year with you!

Daphne is, unfortunately, feeling pretty pathetic right now :( Paige thoughtfully gave Daphne the gift of a bad cold and cough (maybe more than that - we'll see at the doctor's office tomorrow) and I can see Daphne's bottom two teeth getting ready to pop through. All of it is making her quite miserable.

Not that you can tell in these sweet pictures!

On happier notes:
  • Daphne has a new nickname: Booey. You'll have to ask Meredith where it came from, because I have no idea, but it has stuck.
  • Daphne has been eating solid foods once a day for about 2 weeks. She's had applesauce, green beans, prunes, squash, and chicken. She definitely prefers the sweeter stuff - we're not surprised - look at the rest of her family! :)
  • Not sitting, but we are practicing! We use the Bumbo for the most support, and surround her with pillows for the least support.
  • Enjoys rolling around, playing with her feet, chewing on everything, cuddling and being carried around. Oh, and her paci!
  • Daphne is a more flexible sleeper than any of our other kids have been, probably because she has to be. She'll sleep in the car seat, in her crib, at church (sometimes), in someone's arms, or in the Becco.

Happy 6 months, baby Daphne!

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