Sunday, February 14, 2016

First Place Finish!

Russell's AWANA club does a grand prix every year using little pinewood derby cars. He didn't participate last year, but this year both he and Jason made cars. (The dads had a race too.)

They got the cars in October (I think?), because the race was supposed to be in November but was snowed out. Here they are when they were just beginning to work on the cars:

The race ended up being in late January. They hold it at church and had a brand new racetrack this year. Each car raced 3 times.

Russell's car decoration was entirely Lego (of course) and he did it all by himself - even when it had to be modified on the spot at the race because it was too wide for their parameters. And he ended up with the first place trophy for car design! {Now, it did not win any of the 3 races...} We were so happy for him!

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