Sunday, March 20, 2016

Homeschool: Some Corn-y Voting

Since the IL primaries were held on Tuesday, I wanted the kids to do a mini-homeschool unit on voting to familiarize them with the process. They filled out voter registration cards, we read several books about the voting and campaigning process, and I explained a little about why I chose who I voted for in the Republican primary.

Then, the kids cast their ballots...for their favorite way to eat corn! Popcorn, caramel corn, corn on the cob? We polled Facebook also to make it more interesting (and to give them more tallying practice!)

Popcorn won on Facebook, but our family unanimously voted caramel, so we bought special Chicago caramel corn to celebrate!

We also voted in the primary election. The polling place is on our street, and it was a nice day, so we walked! It only took about 5, maaaybe 10, minutes, including the voting. The kids were very good (could it be because I gave them lollipops?)

Fun homeschool day!

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