Monday, December 21, 2015

Nanny visit

We had about a 24-hour trip to see Jason's grandmother, Nanny. So much fun to see her and Jason's aunt and uncle!

The kids enjoyed the big tupperware of toys that Nanny keeps just for them - I love that she still keeps them, even though we're far away.

Nanny and Daphne had a good time rocking together!

The kids really liked Nanny's snow village :)

Of course, there were presents! The girls got princess dress-up sets (which they LOVE) and Russell got a Lego kit (and that he loves it goes without saying - that boy is obsessed with Legos).

They also got some play phones - Paige and Aunt Kim called each other :)

The weather was gorgeous! We had to sit outside and enjoy it. I was trying to get a picture for Kacki with all of her grandkids, but as always, there was one who wouldn't participate:

Meredith "helped" Daphne open her presents (clothes and a baby doll) and showed her each one. She is such a good big sis. She is definitely Daphne's favorite person.

This is actually a pretty good picture considering the circumstances. Russell is the only child I can count on to always take a smiling, obedient, photogenic picture without much cajoling!

We had a great visit and were so glad to see more family!

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