Wednesday, December 9, 2015

3 months old!

Well, this is quite a bit late at this point - I realized I never wrote about Daphne turning 3 months old. I did take her 3 month pictures, though, on Nov 27 - only two days late!

  • sleeps in her carseat 90% of the time (yes, even while not in the car) - it totally works for us right now and I'm not worried about it. Once we are done traveling (in a couple weeks) we'll make sure she sleeps in her crib all the time!
  • Smiley, laughing, happy girl (as long as she's rested)!
  • The only kid of ours who has ever had baby-chunk rolls - I love it! So squeezable!
  • Still has her blue eyes (I'm expecting they'll turn green like mine and Russell's at some point) and there is some red in her hair - we'll see if that stays
Growing so fast!

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