Monday, December 21, 2015

Grandmother visit

We used to see Grandmother so much. I'm so glad we had those 3+ years where we lived right down the road from her.

 It was wonderful to see her again!

We got to see her new apartment, and we also got to drive through Chick Fil A and eat at her townhome and let the kids play with her basket of toys. The big kids immediately went to the toys and remembered where everything was. It was nice to see that :)

Grandmother asked me how we came up with Daphne's middle name, Belle. I told her it was just a name we liked. She said, "Well, I'll claim it. You remember, my middle name was Annabelle."  I had completely forgotten! But it makes me happy to have that connection to her, even if it was inadvertent. :)

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