Saturday, September 19, 2015

September School Days

We are still taking a break from our at-home homeschooling, but the kids have started their once-weekly school programs!

The "big girls" are going to a Kids Day Out program on Fridays at a local church. It's from 9-11:30. Meredith LOVES it. For being our most reserved child, she is also the one who likes to be out-and-about the most. It's a strange combination but fits her perfectly. Paige, unfortunately, is having a rough time with KDO :( I think it's a combination of Daphne's birth, first preschool/new teachers, and having lots of activities on Wed-Fri - she is just burnt out by the time we reach Friday mornings. I'm sure she'll enjoy it...eventually.

Russell is going to The Learning Vine homeschool enrichment center for his 3 Friday classes (Musical Foundations, Aquatic Animals, and Literary Construction Hour). He is loving it and doing really well! He has a friend he already knew in 2 of his 3 classes, so I know that helped him feel comfortable. Even without his friend, though, I think he would have been fine. He is amazing me lately with his grown-up maturity.
Also, we had an awesome homeschool family social last night organized by our good friends Julie M and Rachel H. We had a potluck pizza dinner, a Bible story, kids' Bible songs, and a great game of freeze tag. We had a blast! We love the homeschooling community and how fun, welcoming, and Christ-focused it is.

Thankful for homeschool friends and activities, especially in this busy season of little ones!

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