Monday, September 7, 2015

Pops and Mimi Week

We were all looking forward to a week with Pops and Mimi! "Helpful" isn't a good enough word to describe them - they kept life running for the week they were here.

In keeping with her tradition (it seems), Mimi gave Daphne her first bath. I was mostly taking pictures but did help a little :)

My parents read the kids some picture books on their tablets - always a favorite!

Pops and Meredith are always up for a nap :)

...and Daphne is learning all about Russell's love for Legos!

My favorite girls!

Russell and Meredith played a good game of Battleship against Pops:

Snuggles with Mimi:

And the kids spent as much time holding and playing with Daphne as possible!

It was an awesome week! We're counting down until Thanksgiving when we can see them again!

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