Thursday, September 3, 2015

Daphne's birth and hospital stay

Well, I never would have believed I'd actually go into labor (vs. being induced, like with the other three) - but it happened! I started having irregular, more painful contractions Monday night, 8/24, which was my due date. They increased to 6-7 minutes apart on Tuesday morning, then went back to 20 minutes apart for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday afternoon around 4, one of our close friends from NC flew into town with her little boy. They were planning to stay with us for 2 nights. Kristen knew she was "on call" to watch the kids if I went into labor - and I did!

(Daphne and me on Monday, 8/24, my/her due date - before we knew she was Daphne :))

At about 5 pm Tuesday, contractions moved to 5 minutes apart. I was really wanting to wait to go to the hospital until I was sure it was true labor - I did not want to be sent home!

Kristen (and my mom, whom I called) suggested going on a walk and then seeing how I felt. Well, we got all the kids ready and were about to walk when I just knew I couldn't. It was too painful. So instead, Jason and I left for the hospital! SO THANKFUL Kristen was already there to watch the kids; what a blessing!

When we finally got there (we had a lot of trouble figuring out where to park) and checked into triage at about 8 pm, I was extremely surprised to find out that I was 6-7 cm dilated! Yay - no going home!

We got into a real L&D room and got an epidural right away. Well, it was ordered right away. I was afraid it wasn't going to work in time. The doctor took forever to even get started, and then took even longer to get it put in. I was 8+cm by the time it started working - but still, what a relief :)

Everything went quickly and perfectly, and before we knew it, Daphne was here! She did have the cord wrapped around her neck once when she was born, but the doctor said everything happened so fast that it didn't affect her. Her Apgar scores were 8 and 9.

Some pictures from our hospital stay:

First bath!

Daphne is a great baby - nurses really well and sleeps well (so far - I'm sure sleeping patterns will change). She looks exactly like her sisters did when they were born:

Daddy/Daphne cuddle time:

One other thing (just for my notes): I did have some health issues on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning after Daphne was born. I lost too much blood too quickly and fainted twice in the bathroom. It was pretty dramatic - scared Jason and, I think, the nurses too. They gave me some more IV fluids and pitocin, and I was good after that!

Otherwise, the hospital stay was a vacation for these two tired parents :) A sweet baby, cooked-to-order food (I actually have no problem with hospital food), and even time to watch a new movie! 

We came home around 11 am Thursday morning - to a clean house and entertained children! Several friends helped out while we were gone and we could never thank them enough: Kristen (of course), Rachel, Julie, Jenny and Sophie, and Karyn - THANK YOU! 

Welcome, miss Daphne! You are precious, blessed, and loved!

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