Friday, July 3, 2015

First day of school 2015-16!

Well, June went by very quickly! We're still enjoying the fun things of summer - the pool, the sun, s'mores - but we're now beginning first grade, pre-k, and "tot school."

I changed everything we used last year for curriculum. We're using Heart of Dakota this year, which is an all-inclusive curriculum including science, history, handwriting, Bible, some cute "rhymes in motion," art, read-alouds, and math. It also had phonics/reading program recommendations, but I decided to use All About Reading instead.

I chose Heart of Dakota's program called Little Hearts for His Glory, which is for 5-7 year olds. So far, it actually seems perfect for both the big kids. They do have separate work for handwriting, math, and reading - the same curricula, just on different grade levels.

Meredith is going through all the curriculum with Russell and me. I am teaching her kindergarten-level work this year because she's ready for it. In the two days since we started, she has started reading CVC words like pan and bat. She and I are both very excited! 

I think the reading level I picked for Russell (a first-grade level) may actually be too easy for him. I'm planning to skim through it with him quickly and then move on if need be. Otherwise, everything is a perfect fit!

As for Paige, she is learning colors, shapes, and a few Montessori activities this year, along with doing some fun crafts. She is very verbal for her age, and understands a lot, so she's ready to start learning. She has been very excited so far, going downstairs yelling, "Do school! Yay, school!" 

Life will be very different after we add another baby, but so far, I love our routine!

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