Friday, July 10, 2015

Staycation day 1: Indiana Dunes

We decided to have a little staycation for the fourth of July weekend. We've been wanting to go to a beach on Lake Michigan, but Jason was leery of the beaches in Chicago. The Indiana dunes beach was about an hour away - it was perfect for a long morning.

The weather was on the chilly side. It was probably 68 degrees when we pulled up, and maybe 78 when we left at 1 pm. The lake water was freezing!

The kids played mostly in the sand and in a large tide pool (that wasn't really a tide pool but a pool created by a large creek).

And we had lots of snacks!

Baby 4 and me at 32 weeks!

Russell took this picture. I was a little nervous about handing him my nice camera on the sand. Jason and I were laughing because he was really not aiming the camera at us!

Jason, Russell, and Meredith walked up the dune twice (which is legal, unlike in NC). Russell rolled down :)

As we were leaving, Russell bought himself and his sisters some ice cream with his birthday money :)

It was a great day and sort of satisfied my need for the beach! We're hoping to go back again this summer.

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